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The Grantchester Mysteries is a series of novels by James Runcie and now a major TV series. Beginning in 1953, it features the clergyman-detective, Canon Sidney Chambers. Young, tall, more handsome than a clergyman deserves to be, idealistic, upstanding and trustworthy, Sidney can go where the police cannot. Funny and charming, the series chronicles the huge social change that Britain has seen since Elizabeth II took to the throne. It's Father Brown with attitude, Agatha Christie with Cathedrals, and Barbara Pym with sex.

Three volumes are now published, with the fourth due in May next year. You can find out more on these pages.

Grantchester is now a major television series. After attracting a series average of 6.6 million viewers on ITV in the UK it runs on PBS in the United States on Sunday nights from January 18th. It features James Norton as Sidney Chambers, Robson Green as Inspector Keating, Morven Christie as Amanda Kendall, Pheline Rogan as Hildegard Staunton, and Tessa Peake-Jones as Mrs Maguire.

“It takes a first-class writer to put together a convincing storyline for such unlikely circumstances. James Runcie does it admirably. Sidney, like all good clergy, possesses an understanding of human nature that transcends simplistic judgments. He is a good man in an imperfect world and we should welcome him to the ranks of classic detectives.” Daily Mail

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