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The Grantchester Mysteries is a series of novels by James Runcie.

These are moral fables in the tradition of G.K. Chesterton's Father Brown mixing crime, comedy and social history. The series is set in the Cambridgeshire village of Grantchester and takes place from 1953 to the mid nineteen seventies.

The principal character is Canon Sidney Chambers, a clergyman-detective named after the great eighteenth and early nineteenth century cleric Sydney Smith. The recipient of many a secret, but always willing to think the best of people, Sidney can go where the police cannot.

His best friend is Inspector Geordie Keating, he has a Labrador called Dickens and at the start of the series he is thirty-two years old and unmarried.

Six books are planned and a new volume comes out every May. You can find out more on these pages.

Grantchester is also a major television series. The first series averaged 6.6 million viewers on ITV in the UK, and has since run on PBS in the United States and on ABC in Australia. It features James Norton as Sidney Chambers, Robson Green as Inspector Keating, Morven Christie as Amanda Kendall, Pheline Rogan as Hildegard Staunton, Al Weaver as Leonard Graham (renamed Leonard Finch in the series) and Tessa Peake-Jones as Mrs Maguire.

The second series will be filmed from July-September 2015 for transmission early in 2016.

James Runcie has written about the series here.

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“It takes a first-class writer to put together a convincing storyline for such unlikely circumstances. James Runcie does it admirably. Sidney, like all good clergy, possesses an understanding of human nature that transcends simplistic judgments. He is a good man in an imperfect world and we should welcome him to the ranks of classic detectives.” Daily Mail